A new company with a strong experience: professionals who create buildings in a energy saving key


A society who chooses the best solution for his customers, case by case basis


A new approach, with the best solution in a energy saving key: stop restoring, start to renovate


Professionals who know technologies and solutions to achieve the result


We make energy requalification

Our projects

Energy efficient schools

The Municipality of Genoa and ReQuality LAB, which already collaborated under the Association "Genova Smart City", have subscribed a memorandum of understanding to study the…

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How to transform energy devourer buildings of in energy efficient buildings

ReQuality can do it! It realized this transformation in Istituto Chiossone in Genoa, an onlus for care facilities.The society made energy diagnosis of different buildings,…

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An energy self sufficient villa

At the end of 2013 we worked on a villa located in the hill, characterized by a continental climate, with harsh winters and not served…

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