To improve the efficiency of the buildings

ReQuality has a solid experience in residential buildings. We have worked on thermoautonomous housing units with different problems: unsatisfactory temperature, mold, high costs for heating.

All interventions were based on customer needs and on the features of the house: we start with a energy diagnosis and we offer efficiency solutions with affordable costs. In many cases, the renovation is realized during the restoring; in this way the additional costs are reduced. It is possible to work on appartements lived by their owners, without cause inconvenience to those who live there.

In general, the eight apartments realized show us how energy efficiency is affordable and feasible with little effort; at the same time, it gives satisfaction to people who want to improve their well being.

The dimensions of the apartments are about 100-120 sqm.

The families who live there are various: from singles to households composed by five persons. The same situation is about the position of the building: there are different microclimate zones (apartments by the sea in densely populated areas, city centers and houses in the hills, more exposed to the cold of the winter and to temperature variations between day and night.

All interventions share the energy inefficiency achieved at the end; all the apartments treated were in class G, which is the worst, but at the end of the work, they obtain a considerably improvement.

ReQuality comes when the house gets cold in the winter and hot in the summer; residents live problematic situations with humidity and mold, they are forced to use heating. They want to improve their life reducing consumption and costs.

ReQuality begins with energy diagnosis, a deep analysis of the elements of the apartment (windows, dispersion through walls and balconies, humidity conditions, thermal bridges), including heating systems, costs and bills, looking for appropriate improvements.

Next step is the project and the society deals with the customer. Works are concentrated on walls and windows, sometimes on floors and ceilings.

The best solutions often includes “Cappotto interno”, by acting on windows and roller shutters, which are replaced by high performance ones. To avoid condensation and internal mold (and to save energy), in many situations a controlled mechanical ventilation system is installed with heat recovery.

In different cases, the heating system is made more efficient with precise interventations. When the cauldron is old and inefficient, it is replaced by a currrent powered heat pump, one of the most efficient system in circulation today. When the house is isolated, it needs much less heat and energy, therefore of a much lower cost than before.

Interventions improve comfort and temperature, decreasing humidity and eliminating mold. The costs, reduced thanks to the tax benefit of 65%, are recovered in short time.